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If you love peanut butter you will want this recipe! These raw bites are perfect for a post-workout snack, satisfying a sweet tooth, and sharing with your little one! I decided to change up the original recipe because the peanut butter lover in me knew that this would be amazingly delicious! […]

PB Raw Bites

Every Sunday, I try to get organized by strategizing a week or two in advance with meal and exercise planning.  Between my husband’s varying shifts and working at least 2-3 evenings per week myself, planning ahead has certainly helped us maintain some balance in our lives. Get a Weekly Planner One thing […]

How to Strategize your Week

What is Girlspo+? Girlspo+ is an organization based that is bringing awareness and helping girls achieve a healthy mental well-being. They are bringing awareness to mental health in a positive and empowering manner through researched based methods and materials. If you haven’t seen their Instagram page, you should check them out and follow […]

My Girlspo+ Experience