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What is Girlspo+?

Girlspo+ is an organization based that is bringing awareness and helping girls achieve a healthy mental well-being. They are bringing awareness to mental health in a positive and empowering manner through researched based methods and materials. If you haven’t seen their Instagram page, you should check them out and follow because their daily posts are filled with motivation, positivity, and pictures that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I am a Girlspo+ Brand Ambassador which means I share a vision with the Girlspo+ Tribe to help women become the best version of themselves.

As a Girlspo+ Brand Ambassador, I received my own hard copy of their 30 day guide to complete from Girlspo+. Visually, the guide is stunning and resembles a piece of art. I have recently completed the 30 day guide and wanted to share my review based upon my own experience.

Initially, I was worried that the guide would not pertain to me because I am in my late twenties, married, and have a child. I was VERY wrong! Although the little story snippets from real life girls were geared toward the younger crowd, the content of the daily lessons and activities themselves can be applicable to any age.  In my opinion, that is far more important than an introduction to the daily lesson. I was easily able to apply my life to content provided in the guide.

The Girlspo+ guide allowed me to take time each day to focus and take a deeper look at inner thoughts through their researched based daily activities and lessons.

The very first task on Day 1 of the guide was to complete a 10 question survey that you rate yourself on a scale 1-10. My score on Day 1 was a 72 and after completing the guide, it is a 90! Thats a significant difference!!

If I had to choose a topic that resonated with me the most, I would have to say Day 22’s “Creating a Vision”. I had a significant amount of feelings that were directed to what i could have or would have accomplished at this stage in my life. “Creating a Vision” guided me to think deeply about what I want to accomplish and how far I have come in my life. This helped me realize that I should not dwell on what could have been. Instead, I will now focus on what I can do now from what i have learned through my education and experience. I have struggled with this for a LONG time and now I am finally HAPPY without any guilt or reservations! My future is bright and I know that amazing things are going to happen.

I TOTALLY recommend you to get this guide if you want become a better version of yourself because it certainly has helped me! If you have any questions about my experience feel free to ask!

You may find their 30 day guide on their website

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