A Progress Photo Process that Everyone Should Do!

When I first began my health and fitness journey on January 4, 2015, I wanted to transform the way I felt about myself. I thought that changing the way I looked physically would help. Yes, I do feel great about how I physically look now and it’s wonderful how far that I have come on my journey because it is a drastic change. But, what you don’t see in my progress pictures I post on Instagram is a much more profound transformation.

I’m not so sure if anyone else does what I do when taking a progress picture. Who knows, maybe others do the same. I thought that I’d share my process of taking a progress picture. It may not be what you expect.

Before taking my picture, I ALWAYS look at my first picture. My “before” picture when I was at my worst and unhealthiest in my life. I think how disgusted I was with myself and used food as a coping mechanism. I think how awful I felt that none of my clothes fit. I think of how I don’t have many pictures of myself for a period of time because I felt so insecure about myself and how I looked during the toughest months of my life. I think how I was putting my health at risk for diabetes and other health conditions.

Then, I look at myself in the mirror. I see the same person but a different person. I see a woman that has taken back control. I see a woman that makes time to work on herself mentally and physically. I see a woman with ambition. I see a woman who wants to be a good role model for her daughter. I see a strong woman. I see a confident woman. I see a happy woman. I see a healthy woman. I see a woman that loves herself.

You know that smile you see on my face that keeps getting bigger? That is genuine because I reflect on how far I have come every time I take a progress picture. I go through the same process each month. I truly appreciate and take the time to recognize my progress.

To me, it’s so much more than a physical transformation. It’s the mental transformation that’s the most significant transformation. I appreciate my progress in all ways but the mental part part of it is the toughest. You have learn to love yourself with who you are in all ways. I truly believe when you take time to deeply reflect on your progress that you come to love the person you are now. You recognize all your hard work and how far you’ve come by comparing yourself from your beginning. It’s an amazing feeling when your list of positives grow each time you look in the mirror every month. You are the only one that knows how much better you have become in all ways.

Next time you take your progress picture, do what I do. Bring up that “before” picture and think how you felt in all ways at that moment in your life when you snapped that picture. Then, go and look in the mirror. Look in the mirror and take a good look at yourself. Think deeply of ALL the changes you have made to become better. Have you made time to workout? Have you decided to become healthy? Have you decided to become a better version of yourself? Take this time to recognize how far you’ve come. When you take that time to appreciate yourself and your progress, that is when you take a picture because you will be glowing with a great sense of accomplishment. Remember that you are doing this for yourself and this is a time to appreciate the changes you’ve made even if they are small! You are moving forward and the next month, that positive list will keep growing along with that smile.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I couldn’t agree more.

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