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Every Sunday, I try to get organized by strategizing a week or two in advance with meal and exercise planning.  Between my husband’s varying shifts and working at least 2-3 evenings per week myself, planning ahead has certainly helped us maintain some balance in our lives.

Get a Weekly Planner

One thing that I thrive on in life is a weekly planner, I found mine at Target for $10 and it is worth every penny! I am easily able to see when my husband and I work, our appointments (if we have any), our meal plans, exercise schedule, etc.. I am a person that needs structure and ever since I brought back my weekly planner, I have been succeeding in my daily routine because I have no excuses with my week already planned for me.

Record Important Schedules

The first thing that I do when I begin strategizing on Sundays, I write down any appointments/plans and our work schedules so I can figure out what dinners will work best for that evening based upon preferences and prep/cooking time. Then, I write down my exercise schedule for the week so I know what I am doing that day.  I will switch a resistance days depending on the intensity and equipment needed if my husband will be working during my exercise time or not.  It makes it simpler and realistic for me to have an effective workout.

Plan your Meals and Create Dinner Lists

Once my exercise schedule is planned, I begin meal planning. Normally, I ask my husband if he would like anything special for the week or if he has a preference for dinner from a list of dinner ideas that I’ve made before that he likes or to pick a new recipe from one of my three cookbooks. Then, I consider foods that my little girl will eat too. (I have a list of dinners that she will eat too.) She is so picky and will like and not like foods on any given basis. If I know for a fact she will not eat what I am preparing, I will have an alternative planned in advance for her. Once I satisfy my picky eaters (at least that what if feels like), I will try to fit in something new each week to spice things up with hopes of adding it to the “dinner list”.

Make an Effective Grocery List

After my meals are selected and written in my planner, I make my grocery list of items needed from the meals that I planned, our typical food staples, and snacks. I make a rough draft grocery list that I just list everything that we need and then, I make a new list organized in order based upon the location of the items in the store. (Have you caught on that I am crazy about lists? Haha)  By setting up my grocery list as a route, I have saved a lot of time and money. I don’t waste time looking for item and can make my shopping trip with my toddler a breeze.  Also, lots of money is being saved by pre-planning your grocery list and not making impulse purchases. We used to go into the grocery store and buy food based upon what looked good or what we were hungry for which resulted in unhealthy eating and more trips to the grocery store because we did not have enough to make a complete meal.

Enjoy your Week!

This has helped me immensely with keeping myself and my life sane. I can easily look at my weekly planner and see what day it is and what exactly I need to cook, what exercise to do, and what is happening all at once.

Do you anything similar or would this help you?


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2 thoughts on “How to Strategize your Week

  • Chrissy

    I thought I could adapt all my lists and schedules to the smartphone world (I’ve gotten many recommended list apps), but I’ve found nothing beats my focus to a weekly view on paper. Tomorrow I go back to work from maternity leave, and I think I’ve got to take a page (pun intended?) from your book and return to the land of paper.

    • Bethany Post author

      Haha I love puns! And, I thought that I could adapt on a smartphone too. It’s nice to have your schedule with you at all times, but nothing beats the good old fashioned pen and paper. I’m such a visual person and if it’s written down, I know its easily accessible. I always have my planner open on our breakfast bar so I can always take a look at it. You should certainly give it a try and let me know if it helps!:)