Intoducing: Mom Mondays

A big part of my life is being a mom and finding a balance to survive everyday life with a hubby with crazy work schedules, a spunky toddler and a child-like dog. I thought that it would be fun to dedicate a day of the week to the mom life.

As I find my own balance in blogging, I am slowly finding ways to make time for writing which is something that I really enjoy doing. Like all things in life, it is tough at first but you find ways to make it work. I never thought that I would be able to make an exercise routine, but I did! It’s important to make the things you enjoy doing in life a priority because that is time you get to spend doing what you love!  

Now, it will be fun to find a special time for blogging. Creating a new routine is the first step toward success. With that being said, “Mom Mondays” is my first stepping stone in my blossoming routine in blogging. My intentions for “Mom Mondays” is to just provide the fun and crazy reality of being a mom by providing insights, experiences, and the everyday adventures that life brings us. 

I do hope to have other moms contribute to “Mom Mondays” because not all moms and families are the same. We all come from varying backgrounds and different family dynamics, which is a beautiful thing. We can learn and grow from each other from the bond of being a mom.

If your not a mom, I hope you can just have fun reading these articles because they may remind you of your own childhood, give you a laugh, make you cry, or it may just be a good form of birth control. I do plan on making more routine posts on other topics, but for now, “Mom Mondays” is my first step in the right direction. 

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