An Open Letter to Body Shamers 2

img_1792This is an open letter for all the haters, shamers, and negative thinkers on social media and in everyday life.

Before you begin to speak, think a thought, and/or send a post or message, you need to stop because you are ignorant. Ignorant to the fact that these girls have a story. You fail to educate yourself with who they were, who they have become and who they aspire to be.

Take the time to look into their stories. Some women have battled eating disorders, body image issues, weight management, illnesses, depression, and so much more. Did you take the time to get to understand the person before you become so quick to judge?
I am sorry but you are weak and have taken such a negative path in life to quickly judge. I am sorry you don’t have the time to look at these beautiful stories. I am sorry that you want to live a world of negativity.

Let me take a moment to educate you. Look into these women’s stories and you will see TRUE strength and beauty. You will learn that some have overcome physical and mental battles. These women are incredibly stronger than you think. They consume more calories than you do with wholesome foods, they look skinny because muscle weighs more than fat, they can destroy you in the number of push-ups, they will outrun you by miles, and most importantly; they understand love. They not only have battled to finally love themselves, but extend that love to others. And by others, I am referring to complete strangers by offering support and words of encouragement. These are the women that are making a REAL difference in the world. This is making a world a better place.

Positivity is a beautiful and powerful thing. I DARE you to give it a try. Don’t continue to be ignorant. Educate yourself and leave words of encouragement and love. Don’t you want the world to be a better place? It starts with YOU.


One of millions of women who has their own story


This piece has been inspired by the recent negative comments that I have seen recently on Instagram regarding women’s transformation pictures. Most recently, user @activelyrees of whom is a mother of 2 that began her health and fitness journey 4 months postpartum, has been bombarded with negative comments from body shapers. I encourage you to seek this gorgeous mama on Instagram and give her some love.

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2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Body Shamers

  • Lynn

    What a eloquent and beautiful way to speak to these haters. I am so proud of all who speak out against these types of people. I feel sorry for them in a way… Clearly they have a negative body image of them selves, very small selfs that have to hurt because they envy the courage and hard work these ladies strive for. I applaud you Bethany for addressing this in a very positive way!

    • Bethany Post author

      Thank you. I can only continue to imagine how much good they could do if their words were positive. And, you are exactly right. They probably are dealing with issues of their own and sadly, have to direct those emotions on to someone else. They could learn a lot from these women if only they took the time to learn their story and possibly connect.