5 Activities I Love to Do with My Toddler

Now that my daughter is 19 months old, there are more activities she is gaining interest in doing.  Here are 5 of my favorite activities that I love to do with her during the day.


Everyday, I pick up my toddler and hold her near the radio to turn it on. We have fun dancing for 20 minutes sometimes!  It is adorable to see her new dance moves as we get our groove on. Also, I have noticed that she will sing to the songs as well.

2. Coloring

If you give a child a box of crayons, they will unleash their inner Picasso. My munchkin loves and I really do mean it when I say LOVES to color. She has her own drawing tablet and would color for hours if I let her. It’s funny because she will draw and color in her tablet, but will not color in a color book. I guess you can say she does not want to be confined by lines and have her artistic freedom. And, the best part of her coloring on her own is when she becomes so proud of what she draws with her crayons.

3. Building Blanket Forts

One of the funnest things that we do during the day is building blanket forts. We will build them in various places in our house such as her pack n’ play, the couch, the end table, and her room.  Also, we have TONS of blankets to work with. If there’s one thing my little girls loves, it is soft and warm blankets. The more blankets the better! We’ve made some crazy and comfortable forts and will keep making them better and funner each time.

4. Playing Kitchen

Every morning, I will ask my little girl if I could have some coffee and she will dart into her room then bring out her coffee kettle and a cup. She will say, “Mama!” and pour me a cup of coffee for me to drink. And, it is the best coffee that I’ve ever had! Sometimes, I will get a cupcake on a plate with my coffee if I am lucky. We love to make all kinds of foods together in her kitchen. Our famous dish is our soup that contains random fruit, vegetables, and some Little People. Of course, we always taste test as we cook the soup so we know that it tastes good before we serve it.

5. Bath Time

One of my favorite things in the world is hearing my little girl laugh. I’m not just talking giggles, I mean full on belly laughs. Bath time is my favorite because I can get her to belly laugh so loud! I just love it because it warms my heart up so much. Splashing water, playing with foam letters and water cups is so much fun. I always have a big towel handy because water goes everywhere each night.


What are your favorite things to do with your child? Do you any of the activities that my toddler and I do?

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