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Toddlers are sometimes hard to please as they become more fascinated with their surroundings wanting to discover more in their own enviroment and begin to gain their own independence. Here, you will find some tips and tricks that I use to make the day go a little smoother with my toddler.



Give options

I like to give my toddler options when appropriate and limit them to 2-3 choices. Here are some examples of options that I provide to let my little munchkin choose from:

  • Breakfast
  • Clothes
  • Cup color
  • Books to read
  • Snack
  • Blankets
  • Bath toys

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your toddler with a few household chores or tasks that you are completing. By gaining a sense of independence, toddlers love to help out when asked because it  makes them feel special. By asking your toddler for help will sometimes prevent a budding tantrum or current meltdown.

Here are a few chores and tasks that I ask my little girl help with:

  • Pet care
    • Putting food in bowl, helping take off fence collar, brushing hair, and playing with dog.
  • Laundry
    • Switching washer & dryer, turning on and starting washer & dryer, carrying washcloths to put away, “helping” to carry dirty clothes hamper into the laundry room, and putting her hamper back in her room.
  • Meal Prep
    • Getting a bib before meals, and placing water cup on high chair table.
  • Cleaning
    • I like to give her a rag or swiffer duster to help me while I clean the house.
  • Shopping
    • I give her part of the shopping list (with no items or items we already got) to hold and ask her what do we need or did we get this yet to keep her busy by helping.
  • Other


Stickers are a powerful sticky item that is now a favorite item in our house. I use stickers to reward good behavior by placing one on my little girl’s hand. She absolutely loves it! This sticker craze began when we were shopping at Target and the cashier gave my toddler a sticker on both hands. That cashier was an angel because we had to go to Wegman’s next door to go grocery shopping. At that point, it was almost lunch time for my little girl and looked like she wasn’t going to last any longer but those stickers literally SAVED me! Now when we go to shop at Target, my daughter associates Target with stickers. Thankfully, they give those stickers out like candy! 🙂



  • Use a kitchen towel on your toddlers lap to prevent food from going on their shirt and pants. This has saved us so many outfit changes! Open the towel up all the way and place part of it under the bib to maximize your coverage. This acts as a food safety net and is so easy to clean up by dumping in the garbage or rinsing out in the sink! I also use some of the towel to wipe off my little girl’s hands and mouth off with. I’m telling you this towel trick is AMAZING!!
  • When feeding your toddler foods with red sauce or anything that has the potential to stain, just strip them of their clothes and them to eat only wearing a diaper. Use a bib and kitchen towel on the lap to prevent less food going on their body. Also, use it for clean up.
  • Pack a coloring book and a box of crayons for when you go to a restaurant. Although some restraints have these available, some do not and having your own in your diaper bag will have less germs. This is great for when flu season is around! We’ve recently started to do this and it is a true life saver!


Do you do any of these tips & tricks with your toddler? What other helpful toddler tips & tricks that you do? I’d love to hear them!

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