Run the World in Nikes

Why grow up to run the world in heels when you have a pair of Nikes?

As my days as a mom grow along with my quickly growing little girl, I think more and more of how to raise her as a strong independent self-loving woman. Whether she wants to be a doctor, artist, contractor or whatever her heart sets out to be, I hope she does it with comfort, strength and confidence.
Just like wearing a pair of Nikes, it makes you feel strong, comfortable, confident, and unstoppable. They don’t change the look of your body, they can do whatever you want them to do while wearing them. It’s all on you based upon how they perform. It’s a mental game and mental strength is so important. YOU wear the shoes and you don’t let the shoes wear you.  That’s exactly how I want my daughter to feel. I want her to be her own person.
Don’t get me wrong, I love heels but those shoes wear you in so many ways. They are the center of attention. They change the way you look by making you taller and altering your shape. They make you vulnerable because you must place your focus on walking in the heels instead of yourself. Again, it’s all about the shoes and not you.
I want her to focus on herself and be comfortable with who she is as a person. I don’t want her to make changes to herself just to be like others. I hope she embraces herself with love and strength. I want her to focus on herself. That’s is so important. I don’t want her to be like a pair of heels like I was for so many years. I want her to be those Nikes and love every moment and every bit of herself like her mom.
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