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imageI cannot believe that it’s a new month already and summer is literally just around the corner! And, we all know that a new month means new goals.

This is a very special month to me for my fitness journey. Last May, I was contemplating about beginning Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide and decided to go for it on May 24, 2015. I am so happy that took the plunge! I am serious about my health, fitness, and nutrition now because I love my body!

Because this is a special month, I am very serious about my May Goals. I am going to do my best to accomplish all of them to celebrate my Kaylaversary this month. (Kaylaversary is what people that do Kayla Itsines’ workout program call it when they have done her guides for a year.)

With that being said, my goals for this May are the following:

  • Drink at least 90 oz of water a day.
    • I found an awesome water intake calculator that determines how much water you should be drinking per day here. I’ve been slacking recently and plan on upping my water intake again because the weather is getting nicer and warmer.
  • Meal Plan
    • I have been winging it recently and it doesn’t feel right. I have been eating clean but its so much easier when my meals are all planned out for the week. Meal planning feels so natural and creates less stress for me during the week. Time to get back at it!
  • Stretch!
    • This is VERY important to me. Ever since I injured my knee in April, I have been making stretching a TOP priority. I do not want to be on the bench for 3 weeks again. Exercising is my passion and makes me feel amazing! There is no excuses not to stretch and you should be stretching too!
  • Stay on a mat!
    • I am going to make a conscious effort to exercise on a mat no matter what. I have a new rubber mat that is 4ft x 10ft so I can do all of my leg workouts on now. There is no need to perform on my basement’s  hard concrete floor. I will be proactive in preventing any future or recreating any injuries.
  • Incorporate some everyday abs workouts
    • Because I am taking it easy on my legs this month by modifying to ensure my knee is fully recovered, I will be focusing on my abs. Before, I was determined to push my leg strength but this time I am determined to test my abs strength. Although I should be working on my arm strength because it is my weakest, I find it fun to enhance my strongest areas. My legs are by far my strong point, but they need a rest so abs are now on deck! I plan on doing Ab’Asanas with the Southern Yogi by Morgan DeYoung and possibly incorporate some Sore to the Core by Alexa Jean Brown.
  • Continue doing BBG 2.0 with modifications
    • I will be continuing to do BBG 2.0 but with some modifications when necessary to ensure my knee injury doesn’t flare up again. If I am completely pain free this month, I plan on easing my way back to full force for June!
  • Celebrate my Kaylaversary!
    • As I mentioned earlier, May 24th will mark one year of me doing Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guides (BBG). I am so excited to say that I stuck to a fitness plan for one year! I have accomplished a lot within that year physically, mentally, and emotionally on my BBG journey.
  • Spread Positive Vibes
    • As always I love to spread positive vibes and try to be as positive as I can in my life. Being positive brings a whole new outlook on your everyday life and it feels amazing!

What are your goals for this month? Do you have any of the same goals as I do?

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