My Top 5 First Trimester Essentials!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a Mom Mondays post because of my busy life right now but I’m trying to slowly get back into the groove of things as I try to balance life once again. I thought that it would be fun to share the top 5 products that I have been relying on for my first trimester so far. I am not being paid or was given any of the products that I am about to mention. I just simply have been a very satisfied customer of them for awhile now and used them in my first pregnancy as well as this pregnancy. They have worked and is still working for me so I just thought that I would share what I am currently using to survive my first trimester with all of you.

1. Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins are essential to take through out your pregnancy. This helps ensure that your baby is getting all the vitamins necessary to grow in addition to your healthy diet. I have been using the One a Day brand since my first pregnancy with my daughter. It just works for me and approved by my own OBGYN.

2. Nalgene Bottle

During pregnancy, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. I have 4 different colored Nalgene bottles in my home and use every single one of them frequently. I fill one up each day with water so I can not only keep track of how much water I am drinking (there’s ounce and mL measurement lines printed on each bottle) but it also gives me no excuses to not drink water because it’s all ready for me and I can take it anywhere.

Nalgene bottles are indestructable and BPA free which is one of the reasons why I have been such a BIG fan for over 10 years!. Also, my very first Nalgene bottle that is just like the blue one in the picture cracked 10 years ago and they replaced it without any hesitation. I had wonderful customer service and my new blue bottle was shipped to my house very quickly.

3. Goldfish

Crackers are one of the most common morning sickness remedies to ease an upset stomach. I have been snacking on Goldfish crackers for as long as I remember and I rely on them as my morning sickness cure. Goldfish seems to be the only cracker that eases my stomach when I am pregnant. It worked like a charm for my first pregnancy and now its doing the same for my second! We make sure we are all stocked up on Goldfish so we buy them in bulk at Sam’s club!

4. Ginger Ale

I am by no means a fan of pop, but ginger ale is one of the two things that will ease my stomach from morning sickness besides Goldfish crackers. This works for me and can attest that now for two pregnancies so far. Ginger is also known as one of the most common remedies for morning sickness and anything ginger will help ease the stomach from feeling upset. I just chose ginger ale as my way of taking ginger because it works for me. Plus, I’m just going to go the bathroom to pee every 20 minutes anyways.

5. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks

Although stretch marks are determined by genetics, I like to try to prevent and moisturize my skin with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks. I used it with my daughter and had no stretch marks on my belly but I did get stretch marks on my boobs. I didn’t realize that they would grow so big and didn’t think to put it on my boobs for my first pregnancy. This time around, I plan on lathering up my belly and boobs with some cocoa butter! Hopefully, I luck out again with no stretch marks on my belly and not get any more than I have now on my boobs. We will have to wait and see! If I get them, I get them. It’s all part of being a mom and having a little reminder of the life you created.


Do you use any of these products? Anything different? What were your must haves for your first trimester?

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