Bump Update: Week 11

Happy Tuesday! Today is the last day of me being 11 weeks pregnant as tomorrow I move on to week 12 and soon much closer to the second trimester. This has been a pretty good week, but I am so excited for fun things to happen next week! Read below to find out more. 🙂

How far along? 11 weeks!

Total weight gain: 3 lbs according to my weigh in from my doctor visit.

Maternity clothes? Still wearing my maternity/nursing sleep bras to bed. I definitely need to go to Target to get more of them. I have 4 total, but my Medela ones ride up awkwardly. The Target ones are soooo comfortable! I will do a post on them once I find the same ones again. The last time I bought them was almost 2 years ago!

Stretch marks? Nope

Best moment this week: My little family went to brunch to a new crepe place in our area. It was ok but my hubby and I were so proud of our little  girl. She was so good! She sat in a chair like a big girl and ate her entire strawberry and blueberry crepe by herself! We also walked to a new donut shop that was 2 blocks away. I will certainly be visiting the donut shop again!

Miss anything? Sleeping on my stomach. I have gotten used to it after I lost all my belly fat. Now, I am kind of uncomfortable sleeping on my side. The couch is nice because it conforms to my body and it has a back that supports me, but I only sleep on the couch for naps.

Movement: Nope but I want to feel something soon!!

Food cravings: I have been finding myself being drawn to chicken salads. I don’t know why but they just always sound so good to me! Plus, they are really good!

Gender: A mystery!

Labor signs: No.

Symptoms: My morning sickness is subsiding!! Thank you sweet baby Jesus! I still take naps to ensure that I have enough energy throughout the day but things are getting better!!

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy because my morning sickness is subsiding!!

Looking forward to: Next weekend!!! We are going to Idewild park and Soak Zone next Thursday! Also, it is Arts Fest here in Central Pennsylvania. My favorite time of the year!

Workouts: I completed my first workout yesterday!! And, it felt amazing!! I began Trimester 2 of the Fit for Two program by Sia Cooper. I decided to move on to the 2nd Trimester because I literally did nothing for a month and I wanted to take it easy on my body. Things feel like they are moving along faster than my first pregnancy and I am just simply listening to my body. Today, I plan on doing some prenatal yoga as I ease back into a regular workout routine.

Other: My garden is flourishing and cannot wait to have ripe veggies! The only thing that is ready right now is my lettuce and boy is it delicious! Maybe that’s a contributing factor to why I enjoy chicken salads so much? 🙂


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