Our Gender Reveal 

For our gender reveal, I wanted to keep it simple and be unique at the same time. I planned a month in advanced of what I wanted to do because I needed to figure out what to do! I knew that I had to at least surprise my mom because she would be coming up to babysit our daughter while my husband and I went to our 20 week ultrasound for our snow bunny. I browsed through all sorts of ideas on Pinterest and I didn’t want to do the same thing that everyone else had done. Believe me, I was very close to doing the balloons in a box reveal.

Then, I saw a Facebook post from a local donut shop in our area of their donut of the month and that’s when this idea came together. I could surprise Grammy and Big Sister with a box of donuts that were decorated either pink or blue! Since I had the idea, I had to come up with a cute phrase to tie it altogether and thats when “Donut you want to know?” came to fruition. It was absolutely perfect and I haven’t found it online either of this being done plus everyone LOVES donuts! It was fate that it was going to be the best reveal ever!

Cue to the day of the ultrasound. I told my husband that we had to go get the donuts after we had lunch so I could carry out my plan. Also, I snuck some markers, paper, and crafty scissors into my purse so I could create a label for the donut box. I would have made it earlier but it had been awhile since we have gotten donuts and I totally forgot what the box looked like and the size of the box. The only way to make this work was to take the supplies with me.Once finding out our snow bunny is a little girl, I had nothing but pink donuts on my brain! Mmmm donuts. After we enjoyed our lunch at our favorite cafe, we head straight to the donut shop near our home. We were next in line and I was totally eyeballing the donut boxes up so that I could begin crafting my box label once they took our order. When we were asked what we’d like, I shared our wonderful news and they decorated the fresh donuts to symbolize that
it’s a girl! As they were icing and decorating the donuts with pinksprinkles. I immediately made my sign to put on top of the box. My husband is used
to my crazy antics and just let me go full force because he knew I had to have this box finished before we left the donut shop. We got the donuts I asked for some tape and put the label on top then we were ready for this reveal! Once we got home, my mom was so excited and our daughter was excited too (probably because it was a box full of donuts)!


After I shared the news with them, I sent the following video to family and friends as well as posting it on Social Media to share our wonderful news that we will be adding another girl to our family. (Click play button to see video.)

What do you think of our gender reveal? Are you hungry for some donuts now?

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