Two Birthdays in One Day!

On Sunday evening, my husband and I went to bed at around 10:30 pm. We must have been sleeping pretty good because I woke up because I felt a pop then water gush out of me at 1 AM. Good thing that I was sleeping on a pee pad because my water broke! I woke up my husband and he was still in sleep mode and said, “Are you kidding me?”. I had to shake him to fully wake him up and tell him he was not dreaming and this was the real deal! The first thing we did was call my mom so she could come up to get our 2 year old daughter from the hospital. My mom  had a 2.5 hour trip from Pittsburgh to State College so she had to be our first call! While my hubby hopped in the shower, I put on a maxi pad and called my OBGYN to let them know that my water broke. He told  me to come to the hospital to ensure my waters have broken. Then, I got all of our stuff together and put some warm clothes on because it was absolutely frigid outside. The last thing we did was wake up our daughter from deep sleep because we did not want her to be miserable until my mom arrived at the hospital to get her. On our way to the hospital, we told our daughter that her baby sister will be arriving today. She was really excited. Also, it was my hubby’s 30th birthday and I told him you will be sharing a birthday with our newest edition! He was really excited to get the best birthday gift ever!

When we got to the hospital which was only a 15 min trip, we entered through the emergency room and somebody wheeled me up because I was still leaking fluid. On the maternity floor, the nurse showed us our labor & delivery room and it just so happened to be the EXACT same room that we had our first daughter in! While the nurse had me change my gown, my hubby and daughter watched Aladdin on his phone which was a LIFESAVER! They tested and checked me out and I was 1 cm dilated and it was confirmed that my water broke. The nurse immediately had to hook me up to IVs because I tested positive for Group B Strep and had to get 2 rounds of penicillin in me before I delivered to ensure baby would be safe from infection. After they hooked me up, the nurse asked if I wanted my epidural and I said yes. They were getting pretty busy with deliveries and the last thing I wanted was to not be able to get my epidural! The anesthesiologist was with another patient at the moment and when he was finished, I would be next. During the wait, my mom arrived and my hubby took our daughter down to Grammy so she could go back to our house.

When the anesthesiologist came into my room, he asked how my first epidural experience was and I described it as magical. He probably thought I was a crazy person but I was totally telling the truth! It was a complete lifesaver. As he was putting in my epidural, I did not feel a thing because the penicillin was burning my hand up and I was more focused on that pain. The nurse diluted the penicillin with my fluids and it felt much better. So, I didn’t even feel the epidural go in and again, it was magical! Also, my hubby had to step out for the procedure because he was totally grossed out the first time that I had it done. I took no offense to this at all because the way he described it, I wouldn’t even want to watch!

Then, we rested until I got the 2 rounds of penicillin in me. The nursing staff was totally awesome and brought my hubby a pullout bed chair to sleep on with pillows! We both rested until it was time for the action to begin. I called the nurse in around 8 AM because I felt like I was hanging low and I was because baby girl dropped more and became more dilated. The nurse gave me a peanut ball to put between my legs to help baby girl to drop more. This really helped because shit started to get real around 8:30 AM! I went from 5 cm to 7cm  VERY quickly! Around 8:45 AM, I thought that I felt the baby’s head right there and her head was right there. My OBGYN was literally doing another delivery and was immediately going to come over when he was finished. The nurse stayed with me and basically was there to ensure baby stayed inside me. We just talked and she kept me calm. We shared a lot of laughs and thought that I was going to laugh the baby out. A smidgen after 9 AM, my OBGYN came in and it was baby time! I only pushed for 10 mins and our sweet baby girl arrived at 9:18 AM. Everything went extremely well and I didn’t feel much pain at all except for a hot spot on my hip but it was TOTALLY manageable!  I had such a great labor and delivery experience again! 

Our daughter weighed 6lbs 10.9 oz and was 20 inches long upon delivery. My husband and I immediately fell in love with this sweet and beautiful  baby girl. Our hearts literally doubled with love! We couldn’t wait for Big Sister to meet her baby sister!

After things settled down, I was brought breakfast and when I was done eating, the plan was to take me to our recovery room to shower. I could not wait to shower that I practically jumped out of the bed and almost gave my nurse a heart attack because I had an epidural. It wore off and I just felt great from all the adrenaline from giving birth. In the recovery room, it felt sooooo amazing to get a hot shower and just get clean!

Later that day, Grammy and Big Sister came to visit and it was so precious. Big Sister kept saying “my baby” and “cute” to her little sister. When Big Sister held baby girl, my heart completely melted and I could tell she loved her as much as we do. Also, my heart seriously just melted because it was such a precious moment. Our pediatrician came into the room while Grammy and Big Sister was still there to take baby girl to be checked out and Big Sister got so sad because the doctor took her baby away. It was so sad because you could tell she loves her soooo much!

We had to stay in the hospital for 48hours after delivery because we both had to be monitored due to me being Group B Strep positive. The same thing happened with our other daughter and all went well before. This time all went well again. Breastfeeding was working out wonderfully and they had to check baby girl’s blood sugar levels before she ate. She was only low after birth, which is normal. The good news is that she is perfect with her blood sugar levels! During our stay, we let the nurses take baby girl at night and be supplemented with formula so my hubby and I could get some sleep. We both haven’t slept in a long time and took advantage of this help.

I was going nuts in our room because I was just done being in a hospital room, so my hubby and I did some laps around the maternity hallway while baby girl had some testing done. We were getting very excited to be home again. We really missed our other daughter and couldn’t wait to see her again.

On Wednesday, we were soooo anxious to get home but had to wait for the long process of being discharged. We were ready to get out of there and get home! When we got home, Grammy and Big Sister had our house decorated and gave us such a special welcome home! Big Sister couldn’t wait to see her sister again and it was so sweet. Plus, we were so happy to be finally home with all of our girls there with us. We are over the moon to begin our adventure as a family of 4.

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