Sum it up Sunday: Week 2

Today marks week 2 for my fitness journey and today’s edition of “Sum it up Sunday”. This week wasn’t what I’d call an ideal week for my workouts because it was a chaotic week in my house. I managed to get 2 out of 3 circuits done. I don’t feel terrible that I didn’t get all three because Friday is optional in BBG and I needed a mental and physical break. Lack of sleep, working evenings, toddler having night terrors and waking up early, hubby working long hours, and a hot water tank breaking causes this need for a total recovery. 

By recovering, I’m so thankful that my parents came up to visit to hang out with our girls while my hubby and I got some time to relax, recover, and reconnect. It’s so important to stay mentally and physically healthy on your fitness journey. A lot of people forget that recovery is an important aspect of their journeys. I have made listening to my body a top priority since becoming postpartum. Like I said before, “I’m in this for the long run.” I don’t want to risk injury at all. 

This week, I did do week 2 of BBG and it was great. Burpees are still a challenge but I do believe that I’m getting better because I can do more in a row now. I am super proud of myself for being able to do raised reverse lunges without any modifications! I felt the burn and had to do 5 in a row at a time but I didn’t modify by not doing it on a raised platform! As for modifying, I did have to modify straight leg jack knives because my core is slowly building strength. I modified by doing one leg at a time by touching my feet with the opposite arm. Also, I had to do sit-ups by placing my feet under my couch. I really was pushing myself hard to sit-up. It took so much time but I managed to get them all done! Aside from modifying some ab work, I have also been modifying arms. I am still doing push-ups from the wall mostly and a few on my knees.  I have been doing commandos on my knees as well. I am building my strength slowly and can certainly see progress. Form and being safe is my top priority!

This week I hope to get all 3 circuits done and I kind of want to do a HIIT in place of LISS one day. I just want to sweat! 

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