Sum it up Sunday: Week 3

Another week has passed in my second postpartum fitness journey and I’m so proud to say that I got all 3 resistance days of BBG in this week! Despite my lack of ambition in the morning because I’m totally not a morning person, I managed to get my workouts in whenever the perfect opportunity arised. I’d love to become a morning person and get up before my girls but the reality of the situation is that they will probably get up with me. They were born Morning people and it totally kills my anti-Morning vibe that I have going on for myself. So, I’m being realistic and thankful that I can squeeze workouts in whenever I can.

On Monday, the girls and I went for a 1.5 mile walk mostly going up hills. I wore baby girl in my Ergo Adapt carrier and pushed my toddler in her stroller. It was about 35 lbs extra that I was hauling and I certainly felt the burn! I have been trying to get outside to go on walks with the girls whenever I can. The weather here is so crazy in Pennsylvania. It has been very warm for a few days then the temperature will drop and begin to snow! Yes. Snow in April! 

Last week, I was able to do push-ups from my knees so I thought I’d try it again this week and it’s going well! I plan to continue doing push-ups from my knees with hope of building my arm strength. I am thinking about possibly adding onto my workouts this coming week. We will see. I may start of small before doing 2 programs at once. I was thinking about working on my planks to build up my core strength. I will let you know next week what I have done.

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