Sum it up Sunday: Week 5

At week 5, I find myself feeling challenged as I progress on in my postpartum journey. This week really tested my mental strength. Leg days have always come easy for me, ab days used to be enjoyable, and I’ve always struggled with arms. As I did ab exercises, I felt almost defeated because I thought I’d just go right back to doing them how I did about a year ago. I was very wrong and began to cry. Yes, I cried during my workout. I felt so weak and frustrated that I couldn’t breeze right through the workout. I could have given up BUT I pushed through it! The only way to become stronger is to keep at it! I’ve done it once and I can certainly do it again!

Although it is still early, I feel like I’m doing incredibly well for being one day shy of 15 weeks postpartum. I’m pushing through, finding time to exercise, and I’m becoming stronger! For example, I am doing a plank challenge and I’m killing it! Today, I was able to hold my forearm plank for my longest time yet at 1 min and 41.74 secs! I pretty much feel like a bad ass for holding it that long! I’m curious how long I will be able to hold it at the end of the month!

With the weather getting nicer and I’ve finally found a balance of exercising with 2 kiddos, I’d like to add another routine to the mix. I will give it a go this week and give an update next week. I’m thinking of making Yoga more of a priority in the evenings or when my youngest takes a nap.

I hope to report next week with a longer plank time and sharing that I’ve done some yoga. 

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