Sum it up Sunday: Week 6

Well…. Today is not Sunday but I forgot to make my post yesterday because we spent the day having family time that was very much needed. We had a lot of fun going to mass, shopping, walking to the park and to end the evening, my hubby and I rented a movie.

Last week was the sixth week of getting back to an exercise routine and my half way point of doing BBG!  I did all of my BBG resistance days, 2 yoga days and a family walk! I’d say it was a great week! Also, the workouts really amped up this week. I was sweating soooo much!

I ordered battle ropes from Amazon and used them in place of jumping rope. Let me tell you, it was certainly a workout! It’s not as easy as it looks but I pushed through! I can’t wait to continue to use them in my workouts.

As far as my plans for this week, I hope to work on my push-ups more and continue making yoga a priority.

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