Parental Survival Mode


I think any parent knows exactly what I’m talking about when I say this. If you don’t know, let me enlighten you. Survival mode is when you do only the basics for yourself and your kiddos to just make it through a period of time which could be only part of the day, an entire day or in my unfortunate case, an entire week. During this this period of time, you are tested physically, mentally, and emotionally as a parent. 

Typically, survival mode kicks in when one or more of the following occurs:

  • You barely get sleep at night whether it’s from baby waking up or your toddler screaming like she needs an exorcism from night terrors. 
  • You’re screamed for no logical reason explain reason for a period of time.
  • Toys turn your house into a game of Jumanji.
  • Your child is ALWAYS hungry. Not for the meal you made because they just threw it in the garbage. Because, all they want is an endless supply of snacks to eat.
  • Your child wakes you up before the sun rises because she is ready for the day. 
  • If you mention the word “nap” because it is very offensive to your toddler.
  • You haven’t left the house in days and have only talked to a toddler, baby or dog.

Normal ways to get through survival include the following:

  • Coffee. Lots of Coffee. It is literally the only reason you are still functioning.
  • You pop in a movie and hope that your child naps, you try to sneak in a nap or just shutting your eyes.
  • You forget to take care of yourself like drinking water through out the day and brushing your teeth. 
  • You make grilled cheese for your child because you just can’t handle the tantrums anymore.
  • You go to bed early with hopes of catching up on sleep but are woken up again.
  • Just cry it all out. Hopefully it will get better, right?

Each night, you hope it passes when they go to bed. You feel like you’re losing your damn mind. How can you take this torture any longer? Are they killing you slowly on purpose? Just by driving you completely insane?!

Then, something happens out of the blue. They completely turn everything around and surprise you. They win you over with an “I love you”, a drawing, a flower, a hug, a kiss, a smile, a giggle, or something else that makes you completely forget about going into survival mode.

Your kids can drive you completely crazy but damn are they so unbearably adorable. You wouldn’t change them for anything because they are your ENTIRE world. THIS is what parenting is all about. Despite those crazy dark storms, the sun is always waiting and sometimes a rainbow appears to warm your soul when you need it most. 

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