Life is a Balancing Act

It is so true that life is a balancing act. It’s especially harder to find your balance when you’re a mom of two and an ever chaotic schedule. I am trying my best to maintain my own balance but I notice that in finding that equilibrium in life, I take parts of myself away from the stack so it’s easier. Any parent knows what I am talking about. It’s easier to toss aside your needs to keep things going so everything doesn’t fall apart. We forget that we need to exercise our needs constantly which is hard work but it’s worth finding how we fit ourselves into our own balancing act. We cannot forget ourselves in the process.

We are the foundation to our home. We are important and need to take care of ourselves so that we can continue finding stability in our homes. If we are not strong then everything else will come down very quickly. This is exactly what I am working on. I am finding how to ensure that I remain a strong foundation for my family. It’s tough but so is getting back in shape. I know that I can do this. It just requires hard work and ensuring that I am a priority too. I have all these aspirations and goals that I’d love to achieve but have been struggling in how to make time for them. Because if I make time for them, I am helping myself and my family in the process. 

This week, my goal is to simply figure out my own daily routine that works with everyone else’s. I am going to find time for myself and reassess how I’m spending time so that I can begin chasing what sets my soul on fire. It’s time to work my own core I life so that everything remains strong and balanced. 

What do you do to maintain balance while including yourself?

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