Goal Achieved! 3 months of Paleo

I have achieved my goal of eating Paleo for three solid months! I am beyond proud of myself for reaching my goal! It was a learning experience at first but by the second month, it became a habit and I was able to find my groove with it. During the third month, I just maintained my normal Paleo eating habits as I had done so the month before. Now that I have reached my 3 month goal, I plan to do a reintroduction of foods as soon as I have a plan intact and finish doing some research on reintroduction. I feel absolutely incredible and would love to maintain that feeling.

I will be completely honest with all of you that I am super nervous but I have no reason to be. I sort of feel like how I did when I began Paleo but now I’m reintroducing some foods instead. Some may wonder why I’m reintroducing if Paleo is working out for me. There are some good foods that I do miss that I believe didn’t have a negative impact on me so I wish to include them in my diet again if my body reacts positively to them. Some of the foods that I’d like to reintroduce include: Greek yogurt, chick peas, beans, quinoa, brown rice, etc.. Despite the thought whether or not cheese is healthy, I would like to see my reaction to it because it would be nice to enjoy local cheeses whenever my hubby and I go out to dinner as an appetizer. I feel that if my body reacts positively to cheese there is nothing wrong with enjoying it in moderation. I mean it’s not like I’m reintroducing refined sugar (I totally know better than to do that as I know for a fact my body reacts negatively!) into my diet again.

I guess you could say that I’m starting over with food and seeing what works for me specifically. It’s both scary and exciting to see what will happen! I will let you all know about my experience with reintroduction a month after I begin. Wish me luck during my introduction!

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