Growing up in our home, my mom shared her passion of giving to others with us as kids. We donated items, raised money for various causes, and even volunteered our time to serve the community. I thought it would be fun to spotlight a good cause or act of kindness […]

Share the Love: Cuddle + Kind

Dear Mom, Thank you so much for being an incredible mom. I appreciate everything that you have done for me in my life. I know that I’ve told you that many times before that I appreciate all that you do on so many occasions but it wasn’t until recently that […]

Dear Mom

SURVIVAL MODE. I think any parent knows exactly what I’m talking about when I say this. If you don’t know, let me enlighten you. Survival mode is when you do only the basics for yourself and your kiddos to just make it through a period of time which could be […]

Parental Survival Mode

Well…. Today is not Sunday but I forgot to make my post yesterday because we spent the day having family time that was very much needed. We had a lot of fun going to mass, shopping, walking to the park and to end the evening, my hubby and I rented […]

Sum it up Sunday: Week 6

At week 5, I find myself feeling challenged as I progress on in my postpartum journey. This week really tested my mental strength. Leg days have always come easy for me, ab days used to be enjoyable, and I’ve always struggled with arms. As I did ab exercises, I felt […]

Sum it up Sunday: Week 5

Another week has passed in my second postpartum fitness journey and I’m so proud to say that I got all 3 resistance days of BBG in this week! Despite my lack of ambition in the morning because I’m totally not a morning person, I managed to get my workouts in […]

Sum it up Sunday: Week 3