My Vision

My vision for this site is to promote healthy living from mental to physical wellness. I aspire to create an open dialogue about positive self-image, whether you have had a child or not. My intention is to reach out and help as many women love themselves. Hopefully, I can provide a helping hand to a path of self-love. Not only is mental wellness important, but physical wellness is too. I also plan on sharing my fitness routines, modifications I’ve used for workouts, feelings on my fitness journey, and more. We all have a beginning and I want to lessen the fear of failure when taking on a fitness regimen. Also, I plan on sharing the food aspect of healthy living with recipes, cookbook recommendations, meal planning, etc..

Aside from promoting healthy living, I intend on sharing interesting things that may happen or that interest me in my everyday life as a mom, a wife, and just as a person in general. I hope you can get to know me more through my posts! Who knows, maybe I will have some great ideas or share things that will interest you, give you a good laugh or make you smile inside.



I am NOT a professional trainer, nutritionist, or doctor which means that I am NOT an expert! I am just simply providing useful information based upon my experiences and what I have found through my research with you on these topics. If you are a beginning a new diet/fitness routine and are pregnant or have any medical issues/injuries, it is your responsibility to speak with a medical professional. 

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